Engineering Paperwork

Three easy steps.
1) Ask for a free quote
2) Send us the plans, equipment selections, specs, etc.
3) We send you the completed Output and Input reports...everthing you need for the permit office.

It's that easy!

What We Do provides completed calculations required in Florida Building Code: Energy Conservation. We provide the following:

    • Commercial projects Form 506-2010
    • Residential projects Form 405-10
    • Manual J calculations for residential projects
    • EPL Display Card for residential projects

We provide these calculations and the inputs as a PDF and then you can take them straight to the permit office.

Quick Facts About Florida Energy Code

Access the Florida Building Code online at

What is an "Energy Calc"?: If you are a contractor, architect, engineer, professional involved with the construction trade in the state of Florida you already know that all new construction projects must submit a completed Form 506-2010 or 405-10 along with the signed & sealed drawings to the permit office. This meets the requirements of Florida Building Code: Energy Conservation.

Does your project require an Energy Calc?: Projects that do not have air-conditioning or heating are exempt from being required to submit energy calculations. The project must not have provisions for future (or the potential) air conditioning.

The Code provides for a uniform standard of energy efficiency by, at a minimum, setting forth minimum requirements for exterior envelopes, lighting, electrical distribution, and selection of heating, lighting, ventilating, air conditioning and service water heating systems.